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Gisborne Thunder will be conducting their 2nd annual 24 Hour Swimathon over a 24-hour

period from 5th to 6th February 2022 at the Gisborne Aquatic Centre.


The Swimathon is conducted over a 24 hour period and swimmers may turn up at any time, day or night and swim at any time during the 24 hours for as long as they want. Swimmers may enter and leave the pool as often as they want during the 24 hours. All laps swum will be included towards their total. As per tradition, flippers can be worn in the period from midnight until 7am.


The Swimathon will start at 3pm on Saturday 5th February and finish 24 hours later at 3pm on Sunday 6th February.


The Swimathon is the main fundraiser by Gisborne Thunder. Half of all profits raised will go to Kidzflip and the balance goes to developing training programs for Gisborne Thunder Swimming Club.


Everyone is welcome to participate in the Swimathon, come along and do 1 lap or 1000+ laps, they all count.

  • GTSC club members, families and friends

  • GAC members

  • Other swimming club members

  • Public


Certificates of achievement will be given to all swimmers.


Entry Requirements & Fees:

• Gisborne Thunder Members and family members: Registration/Sponsorship form completed. No entry fee.

• GAC Members and other swimmers: Registration/Sponsorship form completed. Minimum $30 entry payable at registration this includes $15 donation to Kidzflip.



All swimmers are encouraged to seek sponsors. Sponsors should be collected on official sponsorship forms. As a guide: a total minimum sponsorship of $30 per swimmer is expected while for those swimming 1000+ laps a total minimum sponsorship of $100 per swimmer is expected.


Sponsorship and Registration forms are available now through Teamapp, Facebook,, or from


How many laps can you really swim? Set yourself a challenge. 


For some it is all about strategy and pushing for maximum laps, for others it is about having fun with friends. Some enjoy a challenge; others enjoy seeing how many laps they can do within a certain time, or of a particular stroke.


Swimming in the depths of the night can be lots of fun. Remember, you can come and go at any time over the 24 hours and a number of swimmers put in some solid laps on the Saturday evening before resting up at home and starting again in the early morning.


Others swim and rest, swim and rest . . . all night long. Whatever works.


Other commitments mean that some swimmers only have time for one or two sets – that’s fine too. Every little bit helps.



There will be pool life guards present at all times.

GTSC officials will also be on hand for guidance. All swimmers must follow the directions given by the Swimathon Pool Co-Ordinator.


Be alert for fatigue, pace yourself and take lots of breaks. You may not realise how tired you are, so, if requested to take a break, follow the direction of officials immediately.

Gisborne Thunder is a child safe club and for safety reasons, swimmers under 18 must not leave the Gisborne Aquatic Centre between the hours of 9pm and 7am unless accompanied by an adult and swimmers under 12 must have a parent or an adult with them at all times.


Food & Catering Arrangements

More details to come.

Talk to your coaches – they will have lots of good ideas of the types of food and drinks you will need to keep you going.

‘No eating while in the pool’ policy will be applied.


Junior Swimmers

Junior swimmers are encouraged to participate. Talk to your coaches about a suitable target. Junior swimmers 12 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or adult at all times while in attendance.


Lap Counters – we need assistance!

We do need volunteers to mark off the swimmers’ laps. It would be good for each swimmer to bring a person along who can do this job. It’s not hard and we provide everything you need to do the job - other than a comfortable chair, so best to bring your own.

So, get some sponsors, turn up on the 4th & 5th December,

See how many laps you can swim and help raise money for Kidzflip and our club.


All enquiries can be made to: Kyle Cozens



General Rules


1. All swimmers must report to the registration table and register before entering the water. Swimmers will be required to present their Registration/Sponsors form upon registration and pay the applicable entry fee. Cash payments only.

2. Swimmers will be given a Lap Card which is to be taken to a Lap Counter sitting at the end of the Start/Finish end of the pool. The Lap Counter will mark off all laps swum. It is the swimmers responsibility to ensure that each lap swum is marked off the Lap Card.

3. Swimmers, Lap Counters, parents and others may sleep at the pool during the night.

4. Junior swimmers (12 years and under) must be supervised by a parent (or nominated adult) at all times and may only stay overnight with that parent or adult in attendance supervising.

5. Swimmers under 18 must not leave the Gisborne Aquatic Centre between the hours of 9pm and 7am unless accompanied by an adult.

6. Swimmers should bring all their own food and drinks, a kitchen will be available to heat food.

7. All sponsorship money must be collected and sent to Gisborne Thunder Swimming Club by 20 February 2022

8.  All Volunteers who are over 18 years old must hold a Working With Children's check if their child/children Under 18 are not present, and must comply with Gisborne Thunders’ code of practice and other related policies

Swimming Rules

8. Swimmers are required to start and finish their swims at the Start/Finish end of the pool. They may not exit the water along to pool edge or at the turn end of the pool. Only completed laps of the pool will be counted towards your total.

9. Swimmers may leave the water as often as they wish and all laps done in the 24 hours will be counted and recorded.

10. Each time a swimmer leaves the water they must return the Lap Card to the Registration Table. New Lap cards can be issued when ready to re-enter the water.

11. Swimmers may use any stroke. Kick boards maybe used at any time.

12. Swimming Flippers may be used during the following times, midnight to 7am.

13. Other swimming aids are prohibited except when approved by the Swimathon Co-Ordinator

14. Swimming starts at 3.00pm on Saturday and finishes at 3.00pm on Sunday. Any swimmer who has started their last two laps at 3.00pm on the Sunday will be allowed to complete them and the laps will be included in the count.

15. Swimmers planning to swim a large number of laps should ensure they have prepared for the event, have a swimming and rest plan, have arranged a support crew and arranged suitable food and drinks.

16. Any swimmer planning to swim a large number of laps, 500+, should make their plans known to the Swimathon Pool Co-Ordinator prior to entering the water so that suitable arrangements are in place for lane allocation.

17. No eating food, snacks, lollies etc. is allowed while in the water, swimmers must exit the pool to eat.

A food station will be located on pool deck.

18. All swimmers must follow the directions given by the Swimathon Pool Co-Ordinator.

19. After the conclusion of the swimmers last laps and before leaving the centre they should collect their

Sponsors form and any Certificates from the Registration table.


Covid Rules

20. All people 18 and over must be double vaccinated (or be exempt) and must show proof of vaccination to covid Marshall.

21. DHHS and Gisborne Aquatic centre rules must be followed.

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