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This section contains a brief overview of club competitions that are held through the year.

Club Championships

The club championship night is held at the March club meet.  At this night, swimmers will be able to swim off to decide the champion in each stroke for their age groups.  Points are awarded for each swim for the six fastest swimmers in each event.  Points are tallied to determine the male and female age group champions.  Note that while the club championship swimming night is open to all members and visitors, only club members who have swum at least 3 club nights through the season will be eligible for the awards.  A review process is used for members who do not meet this qualification requirement in case there are special circumstances for consideration such as joining the club late in the year.

Club Point Score

Point score is run through the whole season.  Swimmers compete within grades and points are awarded for improvement against personal best times (50m events only – all strokes).  As PBs are swum, the benchmark is raised for the next swim.  There is an opportunity to move up the grades during the year. 

Points System

The following basis is used to determine the improvement points from each swim.

  • 1 pt awarded for competing per each event.

  • 1 pt awarded if seed time is 'NT' (+ 1 pt for competing).

Seed time is based on the best time as recorded at a GTSC club meet from the beginning of the prior swimming season.  As times are improved, the new time will become the benchmark to beat.  For new club swimmers, their first swim at club will determine their base time for the following meet.  Only times from GTSC club meets are used within the point score competition.



Final grades will be determined part-way through the season (usually after the September club meet) using times from the current season to that point.  Once the grades are fixed, the swimmer will remain in that grade for the remainder of the season even if improved times subsequently qualify them for a higher grade.  Grades will be based on the following time categories.

‘D’ swimmers may elect to swim either 25m or 50m in a stroke – not both. Once swimmers have progressed to regularly swim 50m, they cannot revert to 25m races.


Season Awards

Scores achieved at each meet and cumulative scores for each grade/stroke will be available throughout the season so swimmers can track progress

Medals will be presented for winners in each grade/stroke (16 medals in total).  The overall point score winner (‘Aggregate’ champion) wins the major perpetual trophy.

Qualification Requirements

All swimmers (club members + guest swimmers) may earn points but only club members qualify for the end of season awards.  Points earned as a guest swimmer are still recorded and will count if swimmer subsequently joins the club during the season.

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